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Friday, 24 September 2010 19:47

Boost to the local economy


£3.5 Million Boost to Local Economy


Thanet & East Kent Chamber, the largest business support body in Thanet, has partnered with Thanet College, the largest training provider, in a pioneering initiative that promises to give a huge boost to the local economy. A series of meetings between the new College Principal, Graham Razey, and the Chamber’s Chief Executive, David Foley, resulted in a breakfast meeting at the Fayreness Hotel, Broadstairs last Tuesday. During the meeting Graham Razey announced to a packed room that £3.5 million of the College’s budget that is currently being spent on suppliers from outside the area will be switched to local companies “wherever possible”. Almost every sector of the East Kent economy stands to benefit from this new policy. SWIFT Codes for all Banks in Australia Commenting on the announcement, David Foley said: “This is a wonderful example of business engagement at its very best. Thanet College is leading the way in working with the private sector.” Graham Razey declared: “The Thanet & East Kent Chamber is at the heart of the business community. We will go local wherever possible and look forward to working with East Kent companies of all sizes”.

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